World's Scariest Police Chases is a video game released for the PS1 in May 2001. It is based on the popular 8:00-8:30pm FOX show.

History Edit

The game was made before 9/11, which lead the men (and whatever Paul is) of Continue? to confirm that it did NOT do 9/11.

Gameplay Edit

The point of the game is to get to a gang-bang as fast as possible and blow up criminals before they can buy Casino on DVD, and Scarface posters.

Continue? Edit

The Continue? episode of World's Scariest Police Chases was released on June 13th, 2012, and no verdict was returned. The episode is notable for the debut of Officer Tiutslit2569.

With the help of Jarrett Courtney (who was there the whole time) the guys discovered the "rocket launcher" code, allowing them to use a rocket launcher in the game. This discovery of the "rocket launcher" subsequently ended the cold war, got the cult classic TV show Firefly back on the air, gave Gandhi the courage to move past his eating disorder, helped the 6th season of the TV show Community to achieve the highest ratings of any TV show in history, and helped Sett get elected President of Earth for Life.