Hey everyone. So it took less time than I thought to create a list of all the games featured on the show. Going from here I would like to expand that list to include the verdicts of the show, and then seperate those games into their own categories, continued games, and game over games. This will be an ongoing process and I expect it will take some time to compile all of this information, not to mention that it will be an ongoing effort as the show produces new episodes. Any help compiling this data is appreciated. This wiki is an excellent source of info for fans as well as a watering hole of sorts for us all. Please feel free to join the wikia network and contribute to your hearts desire, participation is part of the fun! In other news, I want to add even more pages specifically intended to share information on the cast and individual episodes and notable events within them. I don't really know much about the cast other than the info they supply us with, and while I hate the thought of being the sort of fan that intrudes on their private lives, I think we have so little info on them that we could stand to add a little more without crossing any ethical borders. For example, simple biographical information is sorely lacking as well as expanded sections revealing their creative process. Anyways, I am the set 'em up kid, and I look forward to expanding the wiki with you all.