Smart Guys is an upcoming 6 episode sitcom weberies developed and starring the cast of Continue.


Taken directly from the Kickstarter page.

In heart of the big city, life is good for three best friends sharing an apartment. That's because their roommate is the only one doing any of the work and paying all of the bills. Fed up with their immaturity and irresponsibility, he moves out unannounced and leaves the friends facing certain eviction.

Smart Guys is a six-episode situation comedy about friendships, quarter-life crises, and video games. Paul, Nick, and Josh are our dimwitted, down on their luck heroes, who until now never had to face adulthood. To make matters worse, their ex-roommate Pete has become a diabolical businessman bent on dominating the video game industry along with destroying the guys' friendship.

Paul, Nick, and Josh figure the best way to show Pete they'll be fine without him is to beat him at his own game (because they're smart guys *WINK*). So the trio sets out to create the world's greatest video game, but the first of many obstacles in their way is they know nothing about making a video game.

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