Continue? Epic Maneuvers Montage

Continue? Epic Maneuvers Montage

The epic maneuver is an inside joke of the Continue? show.

Use and Origin Edit

When one of the cast performs an exceptionally skilled or lucky maneuver in a game there will be a brief instant replay of their performance to the tune of "Ghost Love Score" by the popular Finnish band Nightwish.

The joke is actually a meme that originated on YTMND [1] but was given new life after it's adoption by Continue? For instance Jon Jafari, a friend and fan of Continue has used the joke several times on his own show, Jontron as well as on Game Grumps, for example in the episode Kirby's Return to Dreamland: Brain Farts - Part 5.

Death of the Epic ManeuverEdit

The Continue? crew decided to stop using the epic maneuver in 2013 and to announce this decision they made a humorous video depicting them abducting and murdering a personification of the joke in a mafia style gangland killing.

Continue?'s Requiem

Continue?'s Requiem

After 'Death' Edit

Despite killing the joke the Epic Maneuver still appears very sparingly, in most cases however it is only teased very briefly before cutting off abruptly.

Only in exceptionally rare cases is it still used in it's full glory.

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