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This wiki describes the world of Continue?.

Continue? is made up of three people; Nick Murphy, Paul Ritchey, and Josh Henderson.

Every week on Continue?, Nick, Paul, and Josh sit down to play a random old school game for 30 minutes. We're talking NES, SNES, Genesis old here. There is one question they are trying to answer - "Do we want to stop playing or Continue?"

On their channel, they currently have 2 main segments, Continue?, where they play a game for 30 minutes and decide if they want to Continue playing or Game over, and ContinueQuest, which is their Let's Play series for longer games which wouldn't suit the style of the main show.

Every so often, the Continue Cast will encounter a "Bizzaro World," where Nick turns into Dick Durphy, Paul turns into Raul, and Josh becomes Girl Josh.

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2014-01-25: Placeholder pages have been created for all of the episodes Dom was on, I'm working on adding content to these episodes first. The remaining episodes with Josh will be created soon.

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