Continue? Philly Under Fire

Continue? Philly Under Fire

Continue? Philly Under Fire is a video game featuring the cast of Continue fighting against an alien invasion of their home town of Philadelphia created by John Bell and Lazy Brain Games.

Game OverviewEdit

Continue? Philly Under Fire is a side scoller shoot 'em up akin to the Contra series. The game begins with the Continue crew preparing to play Contra on the show when suddenly Philidelphia is attacked by an unknown invading alien force. Realizing it is too late to save their beloved city, the crew decide to avenge their loss by attacking the aliens aggressively. The player is then given the choice to take control of either Nick, Paul, or Josh and begin the game. Weapon and defense power ups can be found scattered throughout the game which will help the player aggressively attack the invading aliens.

Cast responseEdit

The Continue crew was very pleased with the game and noted it as one of only two games they have completed on the show, the other being The Great Waldo Search (NES) . They unanimously "continued" the game. Of note, they were very pleased and amused by the art work of the game which depicted them each as very muscular and rugged men.

Continue? Philly Under Fire cast

Trivia Edit

  • The intro from this game became the intro for the show following the episode where the boys played it.

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